Switching your personal account to a business profile has many advantages that will help you grow your page.

Access to Instagram Insights

Knowing more = growing more. That's my life motto! Instagram gives the possibility to have a look at how your posts perform and who your audience is.

Able to Advertise on Instagram and Make Promoted Posts

Hell yeah! You can now make your own ads with a few clicks to reach more people. Choose your goal and create your target audience. However, I never really use this feature to create my ads. It doesn't have many targeting options to narrow your audience. If you need some extra help setting op more targeted campaigns, let me know!

Ability to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Adding links makes it possible to get your customers to your website. Once there, you can make them sign up to your newsletter or try to sell them one of your products. Unfortunately, this option is only available for business profiles with more than 10K followers or verified accounts.

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