Casual day, just chilling on my couch while watching Gotham and scrolling down on my Instagram feed. It's December now and I noticed that lots of girls are missing summer by the amount of #throwback's and #summer's that are appearing on my feed. And that is a big mistake I also used to make.

You see. If there are more than 200.000 people using that hashtag every single day. How are you going to get noticed when people are looking for that hashtag? Every time I refresh my search results, there are 100 new pictures on the “recent" page. People don't get the chance to see your post.

There are also people who used use the hashtag just to try to get some exposure. Even if their post has nothing to do with summer. Like in the example below.

That's why it's important to use less competitive hashtags based on your current amount of likes and comments you get.

I developed a strategy of hashtag ladders to let your post rank on more hashtags and get more exposure. Soon there will also be a tool that does the work for you. And I will be happy to announce it to you when it is finished.
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